Tip of the Day: Keep the Rhythm Going! by Piano/Autoharp Teacher Gale Gardiner

Gail Gardiner, Piano, Autoharp Teacher at Paul Howard's Valley Music School

No Matter What Happens Keep the Rhythm Going!

by Gale Gardiner, Piano Instructor at Paul Howard’s Valley Music School.

When preparing music to perform (regardless of instrument), Jim Houke (international upright bass player, composer) advised me:  “People will forgive a wrong/missed note before they will forgive an interrupted rhythm”.  That is why I help students focus on a separate performing skill, RECOVERY, 2 months before music festivals.  It is so important to ‘keep the song going’.  Most in your audience will have no idea you made ‘a mistake’ (unless you start over, or stop/correct it).  Keep the music going, each of us, as performers, are ‘captains of the music ships we & our audience are sailing’! We may bounce over a rough wave, yet remember to let the ‘wind in your sail’ carry you through your journey to your destination.