Relaxation Tip for Drummers

Tido Holtcamp Music-Drummer-Teacher-Author

by Drum Teacher Tido Holtkamp

As I work with students who are preparing difficult audition pieces, I am amazed at how often I need to remind them of the importance of relaxation in playing music.  Drummers often tighten their grip, raise their shoulders and tense their neck and jaw when they play, and the more difficult the passage, the more tense they become.   I ask students to stop playing and to imagine all tension washing out of them.  Then I tell them to play again, holding the sticks as loosely as possible and keeping their neck and shoulders relaxed.  The difference is unmistakable;  they may not be able to play as fast, but their performance sounds much more musical for the listener.  Remember, if you play with tension, it’s likely that the audience will hear that tension.  Relax and have fun playing and let that enjoyment come though in your music!